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Slitting Shears & Shears

  • Distortion free, high quality cutting.
  • Ideal for interior cutouts and notchings.
  • Accurate starting and cutting.
  • Machine can be pulled out of the workpiece and restarted.
  • No setup adjustments required.
  • Tool-free, fast cutter changes.
  • High cutting speed.
  • The right blade for every application: straight cuts, curved cuts, stainless steel and spiral duct.
  • Models:TruTool C 160, TruTool C 160 with chip clipper, TruTool C 250 with chip clipper, TruTool C 160 Li-Ion battery 10.8 V, TruTool C 160 with chip clipper Li-Ion battery 10.8 V, TruTool C 250 with chip clipper Li-Ion battery 28 V.
  • Distortion free.
  • Automatic feed, easy of handling.
  • Spark-free.
  • Punches can be reground several times.
  • Up to 3.5 mm sheet thickness (400 N/mm 2 steel):highest possible versatility; ideal for interior cutouts and notching; burr-free cuts; speed regulator for working to scribed lines or templates; tool-free tool changing (dies and punches); hollow round punch (360° turns on the spot).
  • Over 3.5 mm sheet thickness (400 N/mm 2 steel):rectangular punch (durable and regrindalbe), yet leaves smallest possible cutting track; multiple cutting directions with tool-free adjustment; reverse cutting provides ease and safety when cutting coil; ideal for cuts across edges, welding seams or doubled sheets.
  • Models:TruTool N 160 E, TruTool N 200, TruTool N 350, TruTool N 500, TruTool N 700, TruTool N 1000.

Profile Nibblers

  • Universally applicable for trapezoidal, profile and corrugated sheet.
  • Ideal for C, L and U profiles.
  • Distortion free cutting process.
  • High curve and profile flexibility.
  • Change cutting directions at any time.
  • Tool-free changing of punches and die carriers.
  • No oxide formation on the cut edge.
  • Models:TruTool PN 200, TruTool PN 201, TruTool N 160 E w/extension, TruTool PN 130 Li-Ion battery 10.8 V.

Panel Cutter

  • Precisely dimensioned, right-angle cutouts.
  • Interior cutouts and notches without starting drill holes.
  • Work completed in one operation, no finishing work needed.
  • Cuts pre-assembled panels.
  • Easy, non-fatigue operation.
  • Model:TruTool TPC 165

Seam Lockers

  • Closure of Pittsburgh seams (except for the TruTool F 125).
  • Cost-effective seam closure at the installation site.
  • Automatic feed produces consistent seam results.
  • Automatic adjustment to sheet thickness (except for the TruTool F 125).
  • Quick, consistently tight seam closure.
  • Quiet, vibration-free operation.
  • Models:TruTool F 300, TruTool F 300 w/1400 W motor, TruTool F 301, TruTool F 305, TruTool F 140, TruTool F 140 for fan blower, TruTool F 125.

Power Fasteners

  • For form-fitting, corrosion-resistant joining.
  • Replaces connecting fasteners like rivets and screws.
  • Unbeatably fast process.
  • Minimal setup time.
  • Joining of different materials, as well as coated and uncoated workpieces.
  • Can be used on construction sites or on the assembly line.
  • Model:Trutool TF 350, TruTool TF 350 Li-Ion battery 28 V.
  • Fast, emission-free process.
  • Clean, oxide-free edge surfaces.
  • Accurate, constant edge quality in one step.
  • Ideal for complex workpieces as well as for interior contours, bores and tubes.
  • Tool-free adjustment of the bevel height.
  • No sparks.
  • Can handle small parts (with workstation).
  • Model:TruTool TKA 500.


  • Emission- and oxide-free edges.
  • Can be used on different workpiece contours, even on tubes.
  • Welding seam preparation in a single step.
  • For K, V, X and Y edges, metallically blank.
  • High working speed.
  • Different angle adjustments.
  • Two models with automatic forward feed.
  • Models:TruTool TKF 700, TruTool TKF 1100 / TKF 1101, TruTool TKF 1500, TruTool TKF 1500 w/2 speeds, TruTool TKF 1500 w/forward feed, TruTool TKF 1500 w/forward feed and 2 speeds, TruTool TKF 2000, TruTool TKF 2000 w/forward feed.

Drill Drivers

  • Powerful 2-speed motor.
  • One-hand operated switch.
  • Extremely high operating comfort, balanced design and low weight.
  • For start holes, drilling and screwing.
  • Compatible:10.8 V Li-Ion battery and charger are identical with the current 10.8 V Li-Ion TRUMPF battery machines.
  • Models:TruTool DD 1010 Li-lon battery 10.8 V, TruTool DD 1010 Solo
    Li-lon battery 10.8 V.

Slat Cleaner

  • Repeated cleaning of support slats possible.
  • Can be operated by just one person.
  • Suitable for the most diverse materials, especially for stainless steel.
  • Reliable and quiet.
  • Simple, trouble-free operation.
  • Cost-effective operation.
  • Model:TruTool TSC 100.