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Aerospace / Aviation

Autoclavable casters and ground supplies.


Vulkollan wheels for production lines.


Primarily used in the theatrical and movie making industries for moving scenery, props and stage equipment.


Heavy-duty casters up to 40,000 lbs.

Food Service & Processing

Food industry casters assist with food maintenance equipment needs in bakeries, casinos, hotels, institutions and more...

Glass Handling

Ball casters do not damage the glass, are very strong and practical in use. We can supply you ball casters with different diameters and turning circles, with left- or right-handed neck.


Polished stainless steel and polished chrome casters for every healthcare application.


AutoCAD assistance and design to part.

Material Handling

Caster jacks, carts with better value wheels.


Complete line of stainless steel casters.

Ship Building

Acorn has a caster and wheel for every application. Our Nylacron wheels stand up to the toughest of conditions, including salt water.