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Quantum PM Press Mounts

  • Reduce installation costs.
  • Easy leveling and fast, accurate alignment.
  • Control shock and vibration.
  • Eliminate press "walking".
  • Increase die life and decrease press wear.
  • Minimize expensive downtime and unnecessary maintenance.
  • Achieve better press productivity.
  • Rugged high strength mount construction.
  • All elastomeric isolation pad configurations.

Quantum IM Press Mounts

  • Rugged ductile housing.
  • Super heavy duty impact plate.
  • Resilient anti-walk isolation pad.
  • High strength steel adjustment bolt.
  • Constant horizontal natural frequency.

Level-Rite Mounts

  • Level-Rite Mounts for hollow base machines:(shown) Designed for hollow base installations of certain models of knee mills and shop machines.
  • LR-Series:LR-Series mounts are perfectly suited for general-purpose machine leveling and isolation usage.
  • LR-200 and LR-500:Light duty leveling and isolation mounts for shop fixtures, tables and equipment.
  • R-Series:Machinery mount with free floating leveling screw for all types of equipment.
  • U-Series:Isolated mounting for machines that have their own leveling hardware. Replaces steel puck feet.

LEV-L-INE Machinery Mounts

  • Floor line may be sloped, but machine line is level.
  • Easily accessible, true vertical leveling adjustment.
  • Patented aligning disc assures intimate contact and equal distribution of weight over entire bearing surfaces.
  • Mating surfaces are matched to provide quick, easy and permanent leveling.
  • Anchor bolt clearance hole permits bolting machine to floor.
  • Machined base option available.

IMW Mounts

  • Pads:IMW Mounts come standard with high friction, oil resistant nitrile butyl rubber isolation pads. These mounts are ideally suited for use with machines that have no holes in the mounting feet.
  • Sizes:Available in two sizes, these mounts will allow precise leveling of machinery and will prevent machines from walking.

Tri-Wedge Machinery Mounts

  • Heavy duty machinery mount system.
  • Two height ranges in one mount.
  • Optional nitrile butyl rubber pads provide vibration isolation.
  • In-place alignment and leveling.
  • Patent-pending mount and pad design.