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Vulkollan Wheels

  • Wheel Options:Drive Wheels, Idler Wheels, Caster Wheels.
  • Desmodur 15.

Vulkollan Press On Precision Wheels
with Precision Bearings

  • Available Sizes:4" - 16".
  • Features:One third the weight of steel.

Kryptonic Wheels

  • Applications:Specializing in food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Available Sizes:3" - 8".
  • Temperature Range:180 F° continuous, 250 F° for 30 minutes.
  • Straight sided with Stainless Steel Precision Bearings.
  • Available in Anti-static and Anti-conductive Polyurethane Wheels.

Lava Wheels

  • This non-marking wheel features an exclusively developed proprietary nylon material which is excellent for high load capacities.
  • The Lava wheel is extremely ergonomically efficient, as it requires minimum effort to roll and swivel with heavy loads.
  • Lava wheel resists hard impacts and is resistant to most chemicals, solvents, gases, acids, steam cleaning and does not absorb water!
  • Capacity:600 - 3,500 lbs.
  • Application:Floor protection, Waste bins, Platform and stock trucks, High-temperature applications, Heavy material handling, Easy rolling, Heavy load, Bakery applications
  • Features:Resistant to most chemicals, Non-marking, Moisture friendly, Maintenance free, One piece solid Lava, Same capacity as steel wheels.
  • Bearings:Plain, ball, roller bearing & caged roller bearing.
  • Temperature:-45° F to 475° F continuously, 525° F intermittently.
  • Color:Black
  • Durometer:85 (+/-5) scale

Custom Nylacron Rollers

  • Available Sizes:1-1/4" - 16".
  • Colors:White, Red, Blue and Orange.

Heavy Duty Kingpinless Wheels

  • Available Sizes:4" - 12".
  • Available in Total Lock Casters w / Foot Operated Directional Lock w / Nylacron Wheels.
  • Other types of wheels available.

US Top Plate Casters

  • Available Sizes:3"- 6".
  • Available In:Total Lock, Directional Lock, Sealed Swivel, Sealed Raceways, Polished, Stainless, Polished Chrome.

Precision Nylacron Drive Wheels

  • Available Sizes:Up to 16".
  • Features:One third the weight of steel.

BB Tek Directional Lock / Total Lock

  • Available Sizes:6" and 8".
  • US Top Plate now available.

Ultra Low Height Precision Bearing
Urethane Casters

  • Available Sizes:1-3/4" - 2".

Low Profile Apparatus Casters

  • Available for Wheel Sizes:2" and 3".
  • Available with US Top Plates and US Wheels.

Elastic Rubber Blue Wheels with
Large Precision Bearings

  • Available Sizes:6" and 8".
  • Other sizes available upon request.

Metric Casters

  • Available in DIN and ISO standards.

Glass Handling Casters with
Polyurethane Ball

  • Temperature Range:-20°C To +80°C of short duration, up to 120°C.
  • Features:Excellent cutting strength, non-marking, high wear resistance, elastic properties prevent damaging.
  • Available in High Heat and Stainless Steel.

Extreme Load Rolling Precision

  • Sizes Available:Up to 12".

Deluxe Plastic Utility Carts

  • Available in two sizes: 16” x 30” & 24” x 36”.
  • Optional 3rd shelf.
  • Heavy duty construction resists chips, dents & rust.
  • Push handle has compartments to accommodate a variety of tools, labels, small parts, etc.
  • Easy to assemble Deluxe Plastic Utility Carts.
  • Complete set of parts are provided if sold unassembled.
  • Also available assembled.
  • In stock and ready for delivery.
  • Instruction Manual included.
  • Excellent for:Hospitals/Health Care, Kitchen Trolleys, Food Carts, Food Processing Plants, Commercial Kitchens, Laboratory Equipment, Machine Shop Tool Carts, Distribution Centers, Assembly Areas