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  • Applied as a vibration isolating structural element in the installation of both source and sensitive equipment.
  • Provide a cost effective and simple approach to preventing the transmission of structure borne noise and vibration.

GK Low Frequency Foundation Blocks

  • The highly specialized rubber compounds used, unique geometrical shape and carefully controlled load deflection characteristics make the GK block an excellent lower cost alternative to installations normally required to reach system natural frequencies as low as 4 Hz.
  • Used for isolating equipment where low interfering frequencies are encountered.
  • Typically used under concrete foundations supporting either source or sensitive machines.
  • Available in load ratings from 4,000 to 18,000 lbs.

RD Isolation System

  • Offers natural frequencies down to 1.5 Hz.
  • Cast into concrete inertia block.
  • Uses variable and replaceable isolator units.
  • Simplifies construction.
  • Can be leveled after construction.

IB-500 Inertia Block Foundation Isolation Materials

  • Offer superior performance because they have been specifically engineered to provide optimum compression rates for the inertia block while using standard foundation construction techniques.
  • Unaffected by oils, coolants, cutting fluids and other liquids normally found in the industrial environment.
  • Conservatively rated, providing a life expectancy which typically exceeds that of the machinery being installed.
  • Manufactured in two densities: a Less Dense Material, designated IB-500-S2, is used to isolate sidewalls of the inertia block; a More Dense Material, IB-500-B1, is applied to the base surface of the foundation (usually two layers). Both materials are manufactured in 1/2" thick sheets and are used in layers where greater thickness is desired.