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Vector Bolts

  • Vector Bolts have a series of angular facets which resolve vertical stress forces into a cone-shaped pressure pattern.
  • Made from high quality forged steel.
  • An advantage of this unique design is the increased contact area between the bolt and the grout.
  • The wedge shaped design on the bottom of the bolt transfers the tensile load of the stud into a lateral compressional load in the foundation, assuring maximum pull out strengths.
  • Vector Bolts are available in several metric diameters and lengths in a 90,000 PSI minimum tensile strength material.

Heavy Duty Jakebolts

  • The Heavy Duty Jakebolts are tough, durable, and mig welded watertight to prevent contamination of internal components during installation.
  • Constructed entirely of steel.
  • Each Jakebolt comes supplied with a centralizing bushing which doubles as a seal and protects against contamination during grouting.
  • Anchor studs can be adjusted to project above the floor from 0 to 6" or 0 to 12", depending on the bolt specified for the installation.
  • The entire internal anchor assembly can be adjusted laterally as well as vertically to compensate for normal construction variances in both hole location and machine foot thickness.
  • The Heavy Duty Jakebolt incorporates 90,000 PSI tensile strength steel in the bolts.

Capsule Anchor System

  • Capsule Anchors offer tremendous holding power which is stronger than the concrete itself.
  • A graded blend of quartz aggregate transfers the pullout forces into the concrete.
  • Since there are no expansive forces from the anchors, they can be placed near foundation edges, chip troughs, coolant trenches or wireways.
  • High anchor to concrete strengths are developed, allowing smaller anchor holes and studs than what is possible with conventional expanding anchor type systems.

Fixator System

  • Machine tools installed and aligned on Fixator anchoring and alignment systems operate at maximum design efficiency.
  • Fixator Systems have been carefully designed to provide optimum performance and ease of installation, even in most demanding of circumstances.

RK Fixator System

  • Makes support critical machinery installations fast and easy.
  • The most rigid machine to foundation connection available.

AKII Agile Fixator System

  • Intended for use in anchorless or anchored applications and offers the capability to be quickly converted from one to the other without disturbing or removing the machine base.

DS Fixator System

  • A free standing leveling jack for machinery that requires a large leveling range.

MS Fixator System

  • For vertical and lateral alignment and anchoring of electric motors, pumps, compressors, and other applications.

S Fixator System

  • Complements the RK Fixator System, ideal for floor plates where leveling must be accomplished from above.