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  • Capacity:Polyether Polyurethane has excellent carrying capacity - loads to 1500 lbs.
  • Noise Level:Crown shape affords an easy-rolling, quiet operation. Quieter than phenolics, polyolefin, nylon and other polyurethanes.
  • Floor Protective:Non-marking tread with no separation problems.
  • Resiliency:The Polyether Polyurethane tread cushions the load and rolls over obstructions easier. Rebounds up to 80% compared to 35% for typical polyester polyurethane. No flat spotting under suggested load and temperature conditions.
  • Abrasion Resistance:Greater service life and resistance to chunking, cutting and abrasive wear. Tests indicate that 10 months on rough concrete will wear less than 0.050" compared to 1.0" for macerated canvas phenolic.
  • Chemical Resistance:Polyether Polyurethane is completely washable (Steam Cleanable) and resistant to most chemicals. Suitable for use in all environments with the exception of continuous exposure to strong acids, strong bases, aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents.
  • Concentrated Load:4000 lbs applied on the running surface with a 1" dia. indentor to simulate a round obstacle on a work floor produced no permanent deformation.
  • For Wet Applications:Stainless steel sealed precision bearings are recommended along with stainless steel rigs.
  • Applications:Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Canneries, Cheese Factories, Meat Packing Plants, Food Processing, Slaughter Houses, Fish Plants, Laboratory Research


  • Precision and tapered bearings for towline use.
  • 100% washable, steam cleanable, chemical resistant.
  • Extreme impact strength, abrasion and compression resistance, will not flat spot when used within capacity rating.
  • Meets FDA requirements.
  • Offers a smooth ergonomic ride; easy start up.
  • Bearing collar disperses heat away from elastomer wheel.
  • Color:Gray with black core/bearing collar.
  • Hardness:68 Shore D (+/-5).
  • Temperature range:-50 to +180º F.
  • Applications:Food Processing, Bakeries, Dairies, Fisheries, Meat Processing, Pharmaceutical.


  • Capacity: Up to 2800 lbs.
  • Premier Solid Poly Wheel.
  • Excellent for towing applications.
  • Hardness:60 Shore D.
  • Wheel Face:Moderate crown.
  • Finish:XP Gray.
  • Temperature Range:up to +250°F.