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  • Designed for special applications where heavy equipment is moved over level surfaces.
  • Available in Low Height 'Twin Wheel' and Low Height 'Kingpinless' Dolly Casters.
  • These casters have high load capacity in relation to its overall height.
  • All wheels are available with Precision Bearings for easier rolling under load.


  • Primarily used in the theatrical and movie making industries for moving scenery, props and stage equipment. StageMaster incorporates three swiveling casters attached to a heavy-duty swiveling platform base that easily mounts to the item to be moved. The swiveling action of the casters combined with the swiveling action of the platform base allows the operator to easily maneuver heavy, awkward devices in tight quarters with relative ease.
  • Single or Dual Wheel Caster Design:Dual wheel caster version with 2” or 2-1/2” diameter wheels. Single caster version with 2-1/2” or 3” diameter wheels.
  • Four-Sided Double Ball Raceway:Hardened steel ball bearings in the load bearing and secondary thrust bearing through the swivel raceway “on all four sides.” This protects the central kingpin from shock loading for free swiveling under heavy loads.
  • Heat Treated Moving Parts:All moving parts are heat treated to a precise molecular depth and Rockwell hardness. This extends StageMaster life under rugged conditions and shock loads.
  • Raceway Dust Caps on Casters / Underbody Seal on Platform Base:Dust caps and underbody seals protect raceways from contamination by dust, dirt, moisture and other debris.
  • Thread Guards:Single-Wheel version only. Keeps unwanted materials out of wheel bearings thus increasing the life of the StageMaster assembly.


  • Load Capacity:Up to 700 lbs.
  • G1:Light duty, fits 7/16” grip ring stem casters.
  • G2:Medium duty, available for threaded stem and grip ring stem caster.
  • G3:Heavy duty.
  • Shock absorbing ride over uneven ground.


  • Load Capacity:Up to 2,200 lbs.
  • Applications:Computer workstations, Work tables, Printer and electronic stands, Food Service and Pharmaceutical.
  • Built-in stabilizer is adjustable.
  • Rubber stabilizer "post" helps adsorb shaking and shock.
  • Excellent low-profile caster for workstations that only occasionally move.
  • Stabilizer acts as a miniature "lock" when fully engaged to prevent caster from moving.
  • Strong nylon wheel is non-marking.
  • Double race swivel design.
  • Available in top plate and stemless fastenings.
  • Stylish ivory powder coating.
  • NSF Listed for food service industry.
  • Corrosion resistant zinc plated finishing, sleek chrome plating or ivory powder coating for extra style.
  • Extra load capacity with stabilizer engaged.
  • Available in diecasted and stainless steel.


  • Load Capacity:Up to 2,200 lbs.
  • Applications:Semi-conductor Equipment, Assembly Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Workstations, Conveyor Systems, General Purposes, Food Processing Equipment and Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment.


  • Designed for use on inverted angle track for any service requiring guidance of the truck or conveyor unit. Suggested uses include movement of production jigs or fixtures in straight line assembly, travel in and out of "blind alley" retorts or ovens, and in assembly or processing operations where rivets, bolts or other wheel stopping hazards might impede normal movement.
  • Finish:Rigs thru Series 90 are plated Series 94 and 95 rigs and all wheels are finished in aluminum enamel.
  • Lubrication:Full pressure type to all bearings.
  • Wheel Bearings:Straight roller, with hardened and precision ground spanner bushing inner race for medium to heavy duty service. Tapered roller bearings for heavier duty or more rugged applications.
  • Complete flexibility either on the floor or track.
  • Wheel face and "V" groove fully machined.


  • 4K:Cold forged top plate, yoke and button are all heat treated to prevent brinelling, improve swivel action and increase service life. Load and thrust bearings are hardened and ground and rotate on hardened raceways. All swivel sections are equipped with a lubrication fitting for field maintenance. Notched yokes are standard.
  • 5K Series/Raceway Design:Patented Kingpinless single ball bearing precision machined raceway, to 53 Rockwell C minimum, lube fittings for swivel bearings and for wheel bearings. Swivel section features a 2-3/8” diameter raceway with 3/8” ball bearings. Notched yokes are standard.
  • 7K Series/Raceway Design:Patented Kingpinless single ball bearing precision machined raceway, to 53 Rockwell C minimum. Swivel section features a 3” diameter raceway with 1/2” ball bearings. Lube fittings for swivel bearings and wheel bearings. Notched yokes are standard.
  • 8K Series/Raceway Design:4-1/2” diameter raceway with 3/4” diameter carbon steel balls. Precision machined and hardened to 53 Rockwell C minimum. Load and thrust are accommodated by our Patented Kingpinless™ design. Sealed raceway is standard. Swivel Top Plate - SAE 1045 hot steel forging. Swivel Yoke Base - SAE 1045 hot steel forging.
  • 9K Series/Raceway Design:Patented Kingpinless single ball bearing precision machined raceway, to 53 Rockwell C minimum. 7” diameter raceway with 3/4” diameter ball bearings.
  • Available in 5 Series/Plates.


  • 16 LE Series: Top plate fitting medium duty truck lock, Extra heavy duty construction, Safely secures the truck in position while loading or unloading, Instantly released by slight downward pressure, Large diameter, non-skid rubber pad ensures firm grip to uneven ground surfaces, Operating force does not vary with load, Available in Zinc plated or ROHS compliant.
  • FL-ADJ Series:This one of a kind floor lock includes an adjustable height foot pad that will work on carts with different caster heights. The adjustable height feature provides uniform locking and safety unlocking force for better ergonomic operation. This feature also keeps the floor lock working properly as spring and pads wear over time. Height is adjustable by turning the bottom pad. This unit has a bright zinc plated finish with heavy-duty cast steel construction. The bottom pad includes suction cups for extra grip.


  • Economical and practical method for leveling and stabilizing portable equipment such as work stations.
  • Used to brake equipment in place and elevate it to the required height.
  • An economical and practical method for leveling and stabilizing portable equipment such as work platforms.
  • Screw jacks can be used in areas where position locks cannot be applied.
  • The hand crank has a radius of 7-1/4”.
  • All exposed metal parts are zinc plated for proven rust prevention.


  • Load Capacity:Up to 10 tons.
  • Maximize workspace:Enables workers to remain in one position and rotate items they’re working with from all sides.
  • Finish:Zinc plated.
  • A proven workhorse in the most abusive applications.
  • Kingpinless design for added strength and durability.
  • Round or square tubing bumpers.
  • Doughnut and corner bumpers.
  • Tiring bumpers available in up to 250 ft. in length.
  • Mold-on revolving, heavy-duty, non-marking rubber bumpers.
  • Bumpers (with or without inserts) can be provided in special lengths.
  • Made in Two Capacities:Heavy Duty and Light Duty models.
  • Heavy Duty Model:For trailers of 1-1/4 ton to 10 ton capacity; has cast steel bail and jaw sections.
  • Light Duty Model:For up to 2,500 lbs. trailers has a fabricated bail section and smaller jaw assembly.
  • Automatic couplers are almost universally seen on caster-steer trailers – interchangeable with most makes.
  • Both are interchangeable with comparable competitive brands, but a light duty jaw will not accept a heavy duty bail.